October 20th, 2023

Terms & Policies

In order to maintain a positive and safe environment for everyone, please ensure that you read and obey our Terms & Policies. When traveling with us or using our services you automatically agree to follow these terms. The Terms & Policies apply to everyone regardless of rank or status and are subject to change at any given moment in time. Changes will be announced.

Failure to comply with our Terms & Policies will result in actions taken towards you. Our moderators have the right to issue any punishment they see fit.

These punishments will differ depending on the severity of the situation.

General Rules

1,1] All chatting must be kept in English only.

Moderators must be able to read all messages clearly at all times.

[§1,2] No defamation and false statements.

Do not present false statements as a fact that can cause injury and damage to the reputation of SAS.

• If something you say is untrue and in any way impacts our operation you will be held accountable.

1,3] No discrimination, harassment, bullying, or personal drama.

We do not allow racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, etc.

• Harassment in chat or DMs is not allowed, regardless of how you feel about others.

• Keep personal altercations out of our servers.

1,4] No inappropriate use of language, keep all discussions civil, and swearing to a mild extent.

• Remain respectful towards others at all times.

Excessive or harsh profanity is not allowed.

1,5] No impersonation.

Do not impersonate anyone, especially staff members.

[§1,6] No alternate accounts.

Alternate accounts are not permitted, especially if being used to avoid moderation.

• Anyone found using alternate accounts will be held accountable.

[§1,7] Use common sense; don’t evade filters.

If something is censored, it is censored for a reason.

Do not encourage others to break our Terms & Policies - you will be held accountable for it.

[§1,8] Moderators hold the final say.

Listen and respect the volunteers that keep this server running.

Discord Rules

[§2,1] No inappropriate or offensive usernames, statuses, and/or profile pictures.

You may be asked to change these by a staff member.

[§2,2] No inappropriate or offensive content.

Texts, images, and links referring to sensitive subjects such as intimacy, medical subjects, violence, illegal activities, etc. are not permitted.

If you post an image that breaks our Terms & Policies, you are responsible for it - even if it is a screenshot of what someone else said. If you post it (even repost it) you are accountable for it.

[§2,3] Do not talk, discuss, or argue about politics, or other sensitive subjects.

Talking about serious issues involving government officials, political parties, religions, or geopolitical disagreements is not allowed.

Even if these topics are approached in a civil manner, this is not the correct space for these conversations.

[§2,4] No self-promotion, soliciting, or advertising.

• Advertisement is strictly prohibited. This includes attachments such as Twitter links or progress pictures of other groups or individuals.

• All channels including the Media channel is reserved for SAS Media only, such as pictures that were taken on your journey with us.

[§2,5] No spamming or flooding channels.

Do not spam, mass mention, or attempt to cause a scene or a raid. - this applies to user DMs too.

[§2,6] No malicious links, and do not leak or ask for private information of any user.

• No links that can track IP addresses, or lead to malicious websites that contain malware, private information, or anything similar.

• Respect people’s privacy and safety.

Age Requirement Notice

Discord's Terms of Service require you to be at least 13 years of age in most countries to access Discord.

Terms of Service

Community Guidelines

In-game Rules

3,1] No inappropriate or offensive usernames, display names, or unrealistic avatars.

• You may be asked to change these by a staff member.

• Keep your avatar simple and close to real life. We do not permit accessories such as wings or accessories with sparkles.

[§3,2] Spamming or flooding chat with messages is not allowed.

Do not use excessive amounts of caps, spam the same message multiple times, or flood our chat with emojis or no-meaning sentences.

[§3,3] No inappropriate or offensive usernames, display names, and/or avatars

You may be asked to change these by a moderator or staff member.

[§3,4] No self-promotion, soliciting, or advertising.

This also includes a user’s DM’s.

[§3,5] No trolling

Roleplay, and don't run around trolling.

Use your common sense, and don't do anything that you know you aren't supposed to, or bypass our guidelines.

Roblox Legal Documents

When joining our servers you are required to follow the Roblox Terms of Use and Community Standards.

Roblox Terms of Use

Roblox Community Standards

Helpline Policy

Our Community Helpline program is offered to our customers as a favor. No rights can be derived from it. We can deny you any help for any reason we see fit.

When contacting our Community Helpline we expect you to follow these set rules:

Get straight to the point and try to describe your inquiry or concern as detailed as possible.

Show consideration and understand that we are busy and may not respond immediately.

Don't be harsh or rude to our agents.

Do not abuse our Helpline or spam it with unnecessary questions that are stated elsewhere.

Terms of Purchase

We do not offer any refunds for any of our one-time services or upgrades under any circumstances. Vouchers are available for our one-time services as compensation. For more information please see the vouchers category below.

Voucher Policy

Vouchers are offered in case you miss your flight due to unforeseen reasons.

Vouchers to use on the two next scheduled flights of the same fare type are only available when the following criteria are met; or if your flight was canceled: 

You were disconnected prior to boarding. 

You have a screenshot of the message on the screen printed upon your disconnection. 

You have a screenshot of your transaction receipt.

We have a record of your transaction in our system

In order to redeem your voucher please contact our Community Helpline with the information stated above. Please provide us some time to handle your voucher, this usually is done the same, or the next day, but may take longer. We reserve the right to refuse you any vouchers for any reason we see fit. For example, if you fail to comply with our Terms & Policies.

Once you have received your voucher:

When joining the flight select SAS Go on the booking page and contact an Airport Staff Member prior to checking in.

If you require further assistance or have any questions or concerns regarding our Terms & Policies stated here, please contact our Community Helpline.